Follow These 14 Funny Black Women

Michelle Buteau

Photo of Michelle Buteau  by Living Room Comedy

A few weeks ago, I did a post listing 12 funny Black dudes and now here’s my list of 14 Funny Black Women.  To be on the list, I have had to have seen them perform live.   Follow them on Twitter as I linked to their Twitter accounts below.

  1. Michelle Buteau
  2. Calise Hawkins
  3. Desiree Burch
  4. Jacquetta Szathmari
  5. Hadiyah Robinson
  6. Abbi Crutchfield
  7. Marina Franklin
  8. Erica Watson
  9. Robin Carson Cloud
  10. Leighann Lord
  11. Erin Jackson
  12. Yamaneika Saunders
  13. Del Harrison
  14. Karith Foster

Note:  This list is not in any particular order.

Update:  Dalila Ali Rajah was recommended to be included on this list. She’s a LA based actress comedian.

3 thoughts on “Follow These 14 Funny Black Women

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