We Blog Hard: Black People Blog More Than Whites, Hispanics

Blogging While Brown February Meetup

According to a recent paper from a researcher at  University of California Berkeley, African Americans are more likely to blog than their white and Hispanic counterparts.

The study did actually analyze why African Americans blog at higher rates than whites and Hispanics, but speculated anyway: “Perhaps, African Americans, who have been marginalized from the mainstream news media, now have a platform for participation and are more likely to blog.”

Having a platform and creating your own content is very important to many Black People including me.  Coincidentally, Black Enterprise is recognizing Black bloggers by proclaiming May as Black Blogger Month and featuring 20 bloggers.

BTW,  there’s a blogger conference  Blogging While Brown, in Philadelphia from June 1st-2nd.

2 thoughts on “We Blog Hard: Black People Blog More Than Whites, Hispanics

  1. I’m a first time visitor here but your title caught my attention. I must admit I am surprised by the study. Not that I ever thought about it before but I visit a lot of blogs daily and do not run across that many Black bloggers or they are not giving much of a description about themselves or providing a photo. Of course there are other platforms. WordPress is not the only one out there. Thank you for the information.

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