What Is A Blipster?

What is a Blipster? One of the definitions of Blipster  on Urban Dictionary:

A Portmanteau of the words black and hipster, indicating a hipster that is ethnically black. This word was most likely made popular by Carles of the blog Hipster Runoff.

I have had a lot of discussion about what makes a blipster over the holiday weekend with friends and there is no definitive answer.

One of the reasons why I started CoolBlkPpl was to highlight Black people doing cool stuff.  I want to show the diversity within the African American and African Diaspora community.  We are NOT a monolith. The term “Blipster” may yield side eye but I think it needs to be looked at mainly because it is a way (albeit lazy) to describe Black people who don’t fit the stereotype.  Here’s another Urban Dictionary definition:

A cross between the words “black” and “hipster”. However it is not used to solely describe a black hipster but rather one with non-stereotypical African American culture. This person, (who usually is black), will typically have natural hair and embrace their skin color, listen to alot of old school poetry hiphop (like digable planets) and maybe even jazz. Describes someone very passionate about the culture

Blipsters may be considered oddballs or alternative. However they are also trendsetters, innovators and influencers. They don’t just consume content. They create it. They set trends by remixing them.  They innovate despite constraints.

Are you a Blipster? If so, let me know. I want to feature you on this site.

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