Butterscotch Clouds, Tambourines: Friday Food Links

Robot Watermelon

Yesterday was Prince’s 54th birthday, and that has nothing to do with food except I would love a butterscotch cloud, a tambourine with a side order of ham.

I found the Watermelon Board’s site today, and there are lovely photos of watermelon carvings!  Did you know that watermelon is thought to have originated in the Kalahari Desert of Africa?  Like my dad always says, “you learn something new everyday.”

My friend Dara Furlow,  founder of With Love From Brooklyn has a special Father’s Day gift box full of artisan goodies which includes beef jerky, mustache cookies and more.

Food blogger Jehan Can Cook has a super easy recipe for a three cheese spread.  This is great to bring to summer picnics!

I met Aaron, The Hungry Hutch, briefly at TECHmunch last month. He is new to the food blogging, and I love his post about using an immersion blender to make soup.

Do you wanna hang out with Top Chef’s Tre Wilcox? You can!  Zagat is hosting a Google+ Hangout this Monday,  June 11 at 2p.m. EST.  Tre will be doing a live cooking demonstration and answering questions.

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