Netflix Instant Picks For Blipsters

Carmen Jones

Although nobody I know wants to admit they are a Blipster many will admit to being a creative.  Like Erykah said, “Keep in mind am an artist and I am sensitive about my shit.”

Anyway, I recently re-upped my Netflix subscription because there’s nothing good on Hulu since most summer TV sucks.  There’s some good stuff to watch which may inspire you creatively or just entertain you.

Basquiat. It’s a bit on the nose to start the list with this documentary, but the combination of Jeffrey Wright and the 80’s New York art scene is definitely Blipster inspiration.

Carmen Jones.  The clothes Dorothy Dandridge wore in the 1950’s  are an inspiration to any fashion blogger today.

Chappelle’s Show. You probably already memorized most episodes, but I bet you will laugh again.

Jackie Brown. Pam Grier, Samuel Jackson and the excellent use of Bobby Womack’s “Across 110th Street” is enough to see again.

Just Another Girl On The I.R.T. Gritty 90’s New York indie movie.

Luther. Idris Elba is NOT just Stringer Bell.

Medicine For Melancholy.  Blipster hook-up!  This  is like that Paris movie with Julie Delpy. BTW,  I spotted Wyatt a month ago at Dekalb Market.

Passing Strange.  If you missed the musical on Broadway, watch the film.

The Brother From Another Planet.  The title alone makes it worthy. I have to re-watch this.

White Teeth. A British miniseries based on Zadie Smith’s bestselling novel. It’s really good.

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