What Is Juneteenth?

Summer Succotash with Bacon

Do you know what Juneteenth is?  It is June 19th. You can look up the wikipedia entry for it, and it will basically say that it is a celebration of when slaves in Texas learned that slavery was over. Juneteenth is also known as Emancipation Day or Freedom Day. Now Juneteenth is celebrated all over the country with celebrations in cities including Buffalo, New York and Jackson, Mississippi. Since Juneteenth is in June, some celebrations are a part of “Black Music Month” which is the month of June. BBQ, block parties, family reunions, and picnics are often Juneteenth activities. My friends and I are having a little gathering next weekend, and I plan on making succotash. On July 1, Nicole Taylor of Heritage Radio is hosting an Emancipation Picnic in Prospect Park near the Lefferts House.


Food Culturist’s take on Juneteenth

The Jemima Code’s Juneteenth post and tribute to home ec instructor Carrie Alberta Lyford.

Black Texans and Juneteenth

2 thoughts on “What Is Juneteenth?

  1. I’d also like to add that July 4th has historical significance for black New York: July 4, 1827 marked full emancipation of all enslaved blacks in New York that began 28 years prior. Black New York used to host annual Freedom Struts on July 4th.

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