Black Twitter: A Sense Of Pride In Using Less Words To Say More

twitter niche

I have read the recent Pew Internet Research and am not surprised to hear that Twitter use among African-American adult Internet users is 28 percent, compared with only 9 percent of white adult users. Last year there was a lot of talk about Black Twitter and especially the trending hashtags. An article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune offers a different take on why black people tweet. Walt Jacobs, who chairs the Department of African American and African Studies at the University of Minnesota posits that using Twitter gives users a sense of pride in the economy of less words.
“I suspect that some African-Americans may be drawn to the creative challenges of Twitter,” he said. “It takes work to communicate effectively in 140 characters or less, and gives you a sense of accomplishment. This might be connected to African-Americans historical necessity to get by with few resources and taking pride in doing so.”

via Why blacks tweet more than whites |

Now that we know that Black People tweet, what can we do with this information?  I think building apps using Twitter APIs is a good thing.  Also, creating better advertising and social media campaigns targeting the multicultural markets is another way to leverage this data.   Bluefin Labs, a company that measures social TV analytics, reports that last night’s BET awards was tweeted a lot.  There were 3.33M comments on Twitter about the BET awards and it is now the third most tweeted television event after this year’s Grammy Awards and the Oscars.


A BBC article/video talks to about how Caucasian women use Pinterest, Asian Americans use Tumblr and Black and Latinos use Twitter.

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