What’s The Difference Between Bourgie And Uppity?

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Upon hearing that some of my friends were on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, I joked that I want a “bourgie vacation”.  I have been to MV before and it is wonderful, but right now I don’t have the money to spend on vacation travel.   Anyway, I started to wonder about the difference between the words, “bourgie” and “uppity”. Uppity has been simply defined as “putting on airs”.  It is often derogatory, and though some Blacks have attempted to reclaim it, it has not caught on.  Bourgie is what people aspire to.  The word is derived from the French “bourgeoisie” which is a term describe middle class. Bourgie can mean pretentious, as well.

I asked this question on Twitter and got two great responses:

It  is important to note that Black Americans and the Diaspora talk about class and social mobility more than people think. The whole country needs to talk more about class with class.

3 thoughts on “What’s The Difference Between Bourgie And Uppity?

  1. My nickname in college was Bougie! Spending spring breaks skiing and cruising tend to set you up for that type of ridicule. But what was really sad was that what I was doing was normal in my social circles. We all participated in the same activities. They just weren’t common in the Black American community. Uncommon is always attacked.

  2. That’s an interesting perspective. I find I’m neither uppity nor bougie, however I enjoy many of the same niceties they do. I simply like items with class, prefer to have a higher quality than the norm, speak the King’s English, and want to raise my children to be immensely successful.

    It’s pretty sad that our people tend to ridicule you if you have different interests than the majority…

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