#ThrowbackThursday And More: What Does Black Instagram Look Like?

Photo of me from circa 2008.

We don’t make it, but we make it pop!  Shakara Bridgers of GetEmGirls

Shakara was referring to Instagram at a brunch she hosted in Harlem this past spring.  First it was Black Twitter and  hashtags.  Now the new social media frontier for Black people may be Instagram.

Both Twitter and Instagram can be used easily from your mobile phone, and now instagram is available on Android.  There are over 50 million Instagram users. Since Instagram is about photos, it is revealing what people share.  the photos are often personal whether it is personal style or what you are eating.

Instagram uses hashtags like twitter, but it is harder to find out what is trending on Instagram. What are the common hashtags that Black people use on Instagram?  I don’t know.  It may be the same hashtags as everyone else, but these two are ones that I found.

#throwbackthursday or #tbt is when people upload old photos of themselves.

#breffus is photos of what people are eating for breakfast.

Today would have been Whitney Houston’s 49th birthday, and as I scan Instagram this morning, I have seen many tributes to her. #ripwhitney

UPDATE: Black Planet just launched an Instagram aggregator, Black Planet Next.

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