People of Color Feel Uncomfortable at Work

“The corporation for me is a theater, and I try to remember to stay in character.”

via Too Many People of Color Feel Uncomfortable at Work – Bloomberg.

The quote above resonated with me. I left working corporate seven years ago, and other than the lack of health benefits and steady benefits, I have had less work-related stress than ever before. I was a risk management consultant at a large firm. Sure, I didn’t love my job, but what made it so unbearable is that I felt like I could not be myself.  It’s hard to feel comfortable in a work environment when there is no one who looks like you or if they do, they work as admin assistant or janitorial. It can be lonely and frustrating especially if don’t have a mentor to guide you through the office culture.

It’s 2012. There are diversity programs at corporations. There are initiatives to employ and promote more African Americans, Latinos and LGBTs.  However, it is not enough.  Many companies have not yet created a culture where all employees feel included, respected and empowered. Until they do, they won’t get most from their workers. Because when a person feels empowered,  they tend to share ideas that may provide business solutions and inspire creativity.

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