Multicultural Marketing And The Changing US Demographic

I wanted to get a marketing degree while in college, but an accounting degree seemed life a safer bet for a job after graduation. A few years ago, I worked on Pepsi We Inspire, an multicultural digital initiative which was geared to women of color. That experience was an eye-opener for me on big brands do marketing.

Since the election, the media seems to finally waking to the realization the changing demographic of this country.  My question is how this will affect multicultural marketing.

Here’s some good links on the topic:

Are mainstream marketers ignoring African-Americans on social media, despite blacks’ high engagement? -The Griot

America’s Corporations Can No Longer Ignore Hispanic Marketing Like Mitt Romney Did -Forbes

Brands need a new way of thinking – Ad Week BTW, you may want to read Teneshia Jackson-Warner’s new book, Profit With Purpose

Update: An example of a brand who’s doing it good outreach, Target.

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