Rap Coloring Book. Yes, You Read That Right.

Pull out your crayons!


So….you’ve had a rough day at the cube farm and need a way to cool off. Punching holes in walls won’t work any more, and your therapist is on vacation in Cozumel. What to do? May I present to you Bun B’s Jumbo Coloring and Rap Activity Tumblr. It is, quite possibly, the dopest thing I’ve seen all month (I’m late, but whatever). Here’s a fuller explanation of the project, according to the site:

It’s like one of those coloring books that kids have, except way less boring. Curated by award-winning rap legend Bun B. Illustrated by tank top enthusiast Shea Serrano. For grown-ups, obvs. Not children.

I mean clearly this online coloring book is for the thug in us all. Pull out your 64- or 96-pack Crayolas and get to work (RoseArt is not acceptable). Also, these drawings clown out super hard, per the rendering below.

Get your…

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