2012: The Year That Ratchet Built

Back in June, I wrote a blog post on this blog asking the question, “What is Ratchet?”.

Now we are in December and I keep finding articles about ratchet in pop culture.

All Hip Hop says that “ratchet” is the most overused phrase of 2012. [I bet some of you have never heard of the term before reading this post.]

There are apparently ten reasons why we need ratchet friends. [I have no idea why there are so many reasons.]

Did you know that ratchet is also a new music genre?! The Atlantic Wire does, but I doubt Pitchfork does any reviews, yet.

Lastly, do you listen to ratchet music but ashamed to let your kids or friends know? Well, this is a safe space for you.

P.S. There are over 700K photos tagged “ratchet” on Instagam. I found one for this post.

2 thoughts on “2012: The Year That Ratchet Built

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