Happy Black History Month! Brands Beware

Cathy Williams, Buffalo Soldier

It’s February, so that means 28 days of Black History Month. It’s an opportunity to remember the struggle and success of our ancestors. It is a chance to honor people who have lead the way. It is also an opportunity guilt people in support black business, art and culture.

Unfortunately, it is also the time of year where the best intentions can offend. Often a marketing or social media campaign by a brand can offend by being racially insensitive. Brands should be careful to not focus on cultural stereotypes. For example, the company cafeteria should not serve fried chicken and soul food just because it is February.  It happens, but how a brand reacts is important. A swift and proper response is needed. Diversity in marketing staff is especially important. Having a person of color in the decision-making can prevent a racially insensitive incident, but there’s no guarantee.  There’s no way to please everyone, but common sense and sensitivity should be the guiding force.

Blogger Blaria has a hilarious post on the do’s and don’ts for white people during Black History Month.

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