Inspirational African American Chefs

I am all about empowering the black community and celebrating the culinary world of cooking. I have a passion for food, and chefs inspire me greatly. Cooking is an amazing talent – it’s a combination of art and science. You’ve got to know which flavors, textures and spices suit each other, while also thinking about how to creatively present the dish.

If you love nothing more than watching cooking shows while you play some and look up recipes online, then you are sure to be a creative cook who enjoys trying out new recipes. There are so many great chefs in the world and we have put together a short list of top three favorite African-American celebrity chefs for you to read about and be inspired by.

It was working as a waiter which sparked Garvin’s interest in cooking. He studied the art of crafting cuisine and began working at the Ritz-Carlton. Today, he owns the much hailed G. Garvin’s restaurant in Los Angeles, as well as starring in his own cooking show. In addition, he’s published cooking books including Turn up the Heat with G.Garvin.

Marcus Samuelsson

Samuelsson owns the well established Red Rooster Harlem in New York City. He was the youngest person ever to receive a three-star restaurant review from The New York Times. The world class chef has also produced an award-winning African-inspired cookbook called The Soul of a New Cuisine. It received the award for ”Best International Cookbook” from the James Beard Foundation.

Former model, B.Smith, owns three successful restaurants. In addition. Elle Décor named her as one of America’s best non-professional chefs. As well as owning her own restaurants, she has released several cookbooks such as B. Smith Cooks Southern Style, as well as releasing cooking DVDs which feature recipes and celebrity appearances from her daytime series. She has also teamed up with Missa Bay to launch a range of frozen foods.

Edna Lewis
She was the pioneer of famous black chefs, and could be considered to be the “Black Julia Child”. She was the author of several cookbooks about Southern cuisine.

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