Late Night TV: Is Everyone Black In The Dark?


Arsenio Hall is back, but there’s no dog pound. The old dog pound was one of the most innovative things about the old show. I have watched three episodes and can’t watch anyone.  It is a like a nostalgia tour of some old band. The few couple of songs are fun, but  then it gets corny. Arsenio has lots of friends, but so far he has not anyone on the show under the age of 40. [Nas is 39, so he’s almost there.] Whoever was cool twenty years is probably not so cool now. However, Arsenio’s guests are wealthier. Also, I forgot how much Arsenio brown-noses his guests. In my opinion, that doesn’t make for good interview. Nowadays, people like to skewer celebrities more. Update: Arsenio Hall Showrunner and Producer Steps Down.


W. Kamau Bell‘s “Totally Biased” which is now four days a week on FXX. Wednesday,  While Arsenio had on Magic Johnson, Kamau had on Laverne Cox from the Netflix show “Orange Is The New Black“. I have met Kamau and know some of the writers on Totally Biased, so I am kinda biased.  The show is improving, but it is still a little awkward.

On NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, there is no black host, but The Roots play a big role. More than just the house band, The Roots are included in many of the skits that become viral. Questlove of The Roots is known for more than having an Afro pick in his head. He has written a book, Mo Meta Blues, started a food business and more.

On The Daily Show, I love Jessica Williams. She is now the only Black correspondent on the show. All summer long while Jon Stewart was away, she was given more opportunities to shine.  Black women are funny. Let’s see more of that.

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