Revisiting Key & Peele

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele: Key & Peele for KCRW's The Treatment

When Key & Peele premiered on Comedy Central I was excited.  A sketch comedy show featuring African Americans is what I needed.  [One can grow weary of reruns of “In Living Color” and “Chappelle’s Show”.] But I watched the first couple of episodes and I was less than impressed. I thought they were corny.  Some sketches were funny, but they seemed so earnest. Being earnest is not funny.  However as the show progressed, I have reconsidered. It also helps that some of their funny sketches are on Hulu and have gone viral on YouTube.

Fast forward to today, “Key & Peele” has been renewed for a fourth season and they have recently inked a movie deal with Judd Apatow and were interviewed on NPR’s “Fresh Air” this week. The interview was very informative.

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