Childish Gambino On Being An Artist And Creativity

Donald Glover/Childish Gambino‘s last episode on “Community” was last week. It was a nice “Bon Troyage”, a tribute to his character Troy. Above is a recent interview of him on Arsenio Hall. He talks about being an artist. I love his insight. He wants to do more than act, rap, write and do stand-up.

I am a big fan of new album (project), “Because The Internet”. I first saw Donald Glover do stand-up six years ago in Tribeca at a comedy festival, The Black Comedy Experiment. Back then, he was a writer on “30 Rock”. A few years later, he was starring on “Community” and making mixtapes. I downloaded one and listened to “Bitch, Look At Me Now” repeatedly. A few years ago, I pitched a panel at SXSW about how the internet is enabling people like Donald. In fact, I used a lyric from one of his songs in the pitch. [“I can’t do one thing; I am too good.”] It didn’t get accepted for SXSW, but the gist is that the internet has enabled polymaths not just dilettantes. My question is this: What have you created because of the internet?


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