Hot Links: DemThrones, Diversity In Tech, Mental Health

Roy Ayers

My family and I went to an outdoor concert and saw Roy Ayers perform. Even if you are unfamiliar with him, you will recognize his music which has been by many hip hop artists.

Speaking of family, I am now an auntie, and I wrote about it on Medium.

Game of Thrones: I wrote about #DemThrones, diversity in tv fans, and Black Twitter.

Watch this: Tristan Walker, tech entrepreneur, gives a great talk about diversity in tech from his perspective at Southland conference. Check out his start-up, Walker and Company, and its product, Bevel.

Chicago Magazine did a highly nuanced and researched piece about Josh Marks, a contestant on MasterChef who committed suicide last year.

RIP Bobby Womack. He was legendary. His cover of “California Dreaming” is one of my favorites.





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