Cool Black People Entertainment

Black-ish. ABC. People may hate the name, but don’t hate the show. It’s good. The show got a full season order.

Survivor’s Remorse. Starz. Funny look at a young basketball managing fame and family. It has been renewed for another season.

Dear White People. Opened this weekend. This is the millennial’s “School Daze”.

Top Five. This is a new Chris Rock movie that he wrote and directed. The trailer alone has me dying. Opens in December.

Childish Gambino. STNMTN/Kauai. It’s a double album. It’s one part free mixed tape. It’s one part EP. He reps not only Atlanta but Decatur and Stone Mountain, a mostly black suburban area.

Kendrick Lamar. i is a new soulful single that serves as a tease until Kendrick releases his next album. i sounds like what would happen if The Isley Brothers and Arrested Development had a baby.

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