Rhinestone Links: Donald Glover, Selma, Black Techies

Glover’s LaneRembert Browne profiles Childish Gambino. I first saw Donald Glover do stand-up at the comedy festival that Elon James White produced back in 2008, The Black Comedy Experiment. All I knew about Donald Glover back then was that he was funny, he was young and he was a Black guy not afraid to wear pink sneakers.

Black Women Matter Zine– This zine tells the story of 11 black women who were murdered by the police. Put out by the art collective Underground Sketchbook via Mask Magazine.

The Oscars Needs Selma Then Selma Needs The Oscars– Film School Rejects

Eight Black Techies Every “Blerd” Should Follow On Twitter.– Atlanta Black Star

Advertising pioneer Tom Burrell reflects on media coverage of Ferguson, New York

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