On Rachel Dolezal, Who Is Messing Up My Planned Weekend #OITNB Binge

I tried to ignore this story, but the memes and thinkpieces about Rachel Dolezal have gotten out of hand. I posted this “hot take op-ed” originally over on Medium, but since they’re overhauling/pivoting who knows where my content over there will be.

People lie on their tax returns.

People cheat.

People lie about their race.

Why are people so upset about Rachel Dolezal?

Especially when we are supposed to be “post racial” and race is a social construct. White people don’t like Rachel Dolezal. They think she’s a race traitor or a n*gga lover. Black people don’t like her either. They think she’s a wannabe or putting on some kind of blackface.

I heard her being described by people that she’s “fucked up” and has “mental issues”. The people who described her as such were white. I think white people could never imagine another white person would willingly lie about being black. Have they never read “Black Like Me” by John Howard Griffin?

When Mindy Kaling’s brother “passed” for black to prove some sort of unfair quota for medical school admissions, there was not nearly enough outrage. Maybe it was because he wasn’t white.

Rachel is a social justice advocate. She leads the Spokane NAACP. It doesn’t appear that her passing was a social experiment. It may be more of coping mechanism. You can call it “extreme codeswitching”.  Maybe it’s easier to pass for black when you are the mother of a biracial child in a predominately white city. I don’t know her life, and neither does any of the writers creating thinkpieces or memes about her. Stop judging her. She’s not a joke. Until I know otherwise, I consider her an ally.

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